Financial reporting valuations

The increasing use of fair value measurement for financial reporting purposes has meant that the topic of valuations and the quality of valuations has moved up the agendas of standard setters, regulators and accounting professionals. Our experienced industry-specific team specialise in valuations for financial reporting purposes, having assisted on transactions with deal sizes ranging from £1 million to £15 billion.

Contact us if

  • you need to undertake a purchase price allocation for a recent acquisition or a pre-deal assessment of the impact on earnings of a potential deal.
  • you need a valuation of shares to account for share-based payments.
  • you need to value financial assets (e.g. unquoted investments) and/or liabilities.
  • you need to value tangible assets.
  • you need advice on the impairment testing of goodwill or other assets.

How we can support you

Purchase price allocations
We can provide a fully integrated service to fair value all assets and liabilities on the balance sheet in the context of business combinations, including both intangible and tangible assets. Our valuation specialists are sector-focused, and have a deep understanding of the relevant reporting and regulatory requirements, so we can manage the whole process, ensuring valuations are robust and meet the requirements of your auditors.

An alternative option is for us to advise your team on how to undertake the purchase price allocation process and review and comment on their output, thereby maximising knowledge transfer to you.

In addition, we can also provide support relating to the subsequent impairment test of any resulting goodwill and other assets.

Share-based payments
We have undertaken many business valuations to meet the requirements of IFRS 2, whereby unquoted companies undertaking share-based payment transactions must reflect the effect of such transactions in their accounts.

Financial assets and liabilities
Portfolio investments and securities can no longer be carried at cost until sold - they must be regularly revalued according to the principles of the relevant accounting standards. Where necessary we draw upon our deep understanding of the appropriate industry valuation guidelines (e.g. private equity).

Tangible asset valuations
Our specialist asset valuation and real estate valuation teams have extensive experience working internationally in a number of sectors, bringing the right balance of engineering, chartered surveying and accounting capabilities to requirements such as fresh start accounting, conversion to IFRS / US GAAP and regulatory valuations.

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