Intellectual property valuations

In many sectors intellectual property (“IP”) is the key differentiator and is often a company’s most valuable asset. From a brand in a consumer goods business to a spectrum licence in telecoms to patents in a pharmaceutical company, understanding the value of IP is a key consideration in the context of transactions, corporate valuations and strategic decision-making.

IP is sometimes referred to as intangible assets or goodwill. These are umbrella terms used to describe assets such as brands, patents, licensing or royalty agreements, software, technology, databases, customer contracts / relationships and trade secrets.

The valuation of IP presents different challenges to valuing businesses and shares. It requires careful consideration, the application of complex methodologies and commercial judgement.

PwC have a dedicated team of IP valuation experts with experience of valuing all types of IP.

Contact us if

  • you need to value IP for strategic and decision making purposes
  • you need to understand the value of IP and/or intangible assets in the context of a transaction
  • you need to understand the value of the IP your company is transferring into a JV
  • you wish to understand IP value to communicate this to stakeholders
  • you want to understand the value of a brand for licensing purposes

How we can support you

Our experienced team of IP and intangible asset valuers apply commercial valuation principles and adopt a range of complex valuation methodologies to produce robust analysis to assist in negotiations, decision making, legal disputes and investment analysis. 

We have in-depth sector experience across a broad range of industries and are therefore familiar with working alongside marketing, sales, technical and research staff to gain a deep insight into the subject IP. Our services include:

  • Valuing a brand or other IP in relation to a potential sale or licensing agreement.
  • Considering the value of brand, technology or other assets in the context of a contribution to a joint venture or alliance.
  • Valuing IP / intangible assets for financial reporting purposes under international, US and UK accounting standards.
  • Providing independent valuations of IP for commercial disputes or expert witness reports.
  • Assessing the market value of IP/intangible assets for tax purposes.

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