Supply Chain


Without considering your supply chain you can never claim to be fully resilient.

You could have the most robust business continuity arrangements, but a failure to appreciate your dependence on key suppliers and stakeholders could be the cause of your next major disruption.

PwC can help you:

  • understand your exposure to supply chain risk and know what to do about it
  • identify key suppliers and mitigate the impact of their failure
  • understand how supply chain risks impact upon reputation, and provide reassurance to stakeholders
  • minimise reactive costs (e.g. finding alternative suppliers at short notice, contractual penalties).


Whatever size or sector, all organisations are connected in some way to third parties. Many span international boundaries, some are formal or informal relationships, but almost all businesses will have a supplier whose failure would significantly disrupt their organisation.

Our integrated risk and business continuity approach can help you to identify points of vulnerability in the value chains for your key products and services.
By bringing our business continuity and risk experts together we ensure your supply chain issue is fully covered.