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As the UK prepares for the negotiation of our exit from the European Union, UK businesses will be considering how the new political landscape will affect their ability to trade in Europe and globally. On these pages, you will find our experts’ opinions and thought leadership to help you navigate through the coming changes and find the opportunity in Brexit for your business.

Article 50 -  triggering a change

Find out more about the timeline for negotiations for Brexit following the trigger of Article 50, what deals are possible and what a transition out of the EU might look like.


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Brexit themes

These are the key themes our clients have told us they are most interested in with regards to the upcoming negotiations for Brexit:

What impact will changes to immigration in the light of Brexit have on your workforce and operating model and how can you prepare?

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What does trade between the UK and the rest of the world look like following Brexit and what implications will this have on your business?

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How will Brexit affect the UK economy and the value of the GBP? How might changes to regulation impact your ability to do business across borders?

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