Managing through Brexit with strategic scenario planning

The shape that Brexit will take is still far from certain. Uncertainty will be a feature of the business landscape for some time to come as both the timeframe and the structure of the UK’s exit become clear. Plans need to be developed in the knowledge that they’ll likely change as issues become clearer or new questions emerge. Flexibility will be critical throughout.

There are a range of possible exit scenarios and each carries with it various possible implications for business in terms of how they do things, where they do things and who they do things for. Understanding the key value drivers within your business and how each is affected under various scenarios will provide a framework for developing plans and considering options.

Short term planning and actions

We’re working with clients to identify, prioritise and address the most important issues facing their business, including:

  • Prioritising actions and developing a plan
  • Managing treasury, including working capital and liquidity
  • Communicating with employees and stakeholders
  • Reconsidering investment decisions and budgets

Scenario planning and decision-making

We’re also helping companies to understand how different Brexit scenarios may impact their business – identifying the timing, likelihood and scale of impact against key value drivers, strategic priorities and programmes.

We can then identify the choices available in each case (i.e. strategic, operational, financial, structural), setting out what could be done by the business versus influencing others.

We’re also helping clients to the explore which overall strategy to adopt so they can then prioritise their choices into what they ‘must do’ and ‘might do’, capture the actions in a plan, mobilise a team to drive this forward and make decisions at the right time.

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