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What can business learn from entertainment?

Providing your people with choice, flexibility and great experiences is key to success

Expectations of work are changing, accelerated by the pandemic. People want more choice and flexibility when it comes to how, when and where they work. We debate what businesses can learn about creating great, personalised experiences from the entertainment industry, and the long-term benefits of empowering people.

Watch the video now to discover why the changing nature of work is a challenge that’s Better Solved Together.

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The expert panellists featured in this episode from our Better Solved Together series:

Carolyn Horne

EMEA President Workday

Timothy Armoo

Founder & CEO Fanbytes

Fiona Camenzuli

People and Organisation Lead at PwC

What can business learn from entertainment?

It’s a conversation which will have been had in homes around the country: the revolution of home entertainment; from grandparents fondly recalling their first black and white television to children being incredulous that there was ever a time when a near-infinite world of entertainment wasn’t available on demand.

That incredulity younger generations show towards an era of scheduled television will increasingly be shown towards other areas, such as the ways in which people have worked for so long. 

To attract future generations of talent who are used to flexibility and choice in every other aspect of their life, organisations must change the way they work. And as they change, they would be wise to learn from how the entertainment industry has transformed to give consumers greater choice and personalisation.

“The entertainment industry has gone through enormous transformation. It's gone from fixed, physical media to on-demand, streaming and entertainment companies really thinking about customer preferences, and using data to understand customers better. The workplace and employment is moving that way as well. Employees now want to think about where they work, how they work, what they're doing and what they get out of it.”

Fiona Camenzuli, People and Organisation Lead at PwC UK

Organisations must think about careers in the same way entertainment companies plan a successful series, with regular twists and turns and consistent development for key characters. Employees don’t want their work life to be the same ‘episode’ every day. Many want to feel progression and development as their own story unfolds. 

Employers can no more dictate that their people keep working for them than entertainment companies can dictate that customers must watch their latest series. Instead, they must focus on creating experiences that people want to be a part of.

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