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What can business learn from health and fitness?

Responsible growth requires a greater focus on customer goals and values

Growth is a business priority, but can’t come at any cost. It must be balanced with the needs of people and society. We’ve discussed what businesses can learn from health and fitness when it comes to responsible growth that prioritises customers’ goals, preferences and values.

Filmed in collaboration with Sky News, watch this episode now to find out why many of the biggest challenges facing business will be Better Solved Together. Watch now.

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What can business learn from health and fitness?

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The expert panellists featured in this episode from our Better Solved Together series:

Darren Hardman

VP & General Manager AWS UK & Ireland

Sammi Adhami

COO & Co-Founder FIIT

Cat McCusker

Partner, Responsible Growth at PwC UK

What can business learn from health and fitness?

Just as keeping fit requires a careful balance of nutrition, varied exercise and a healthy lifestyle that looks after both body and mind, creating a healthy business requires a balancing act of many different factors, such as profit, purpose and people. 

In both instances, focusing too much on just one component at the expense of others can have a negative impact. In business, chasing profit at all costs, without caring about the impact on people or the environment is a recipe for failure. 

Organisations must target responsible growth. That means putting the customer at the heart of all they do, with a strategy that combines financial goals with a commitment to long-term, sustained outcomes, built on foundations of doing the right thing - financially and ethically.

Cat McCusker, Responsible Growth Lead at PwC UK says there are six key ‘levers’ businesses should be pulling on as they seek to deliver responsible growth.

“We really need to think about all of the levers of responsible growth. They go from experience to marketing, to sales, to the service you provide, pricing of course and innovation. And it’s really understanding, at any one time, which levers you use as an organisation..”

Cat McCusker, Responsible Growth Lead at PwC UK

The challenge is to find the right balance to create sustained growth for the organisation and value for its customers, communities and society. Data can help uncover the most effective combination, and measure its relative impact.

Analysing data can quickly reveal how customer behaviour and preferences are shifting, enabling businesses to create more compelling, personalised offerings and richer relationships, through a customer-led transformation.

Visit Sky News to read the full article from our Better Solved Together series.

Responsible Growth

Responsible growth means doing what's best for your people, customers, and society – not just your profit margin. 

Through business strategy, insight, experience, and a secure adoption of technology, we can help you build trust and unlock sustained, responsible growth.

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