What can business learn from nature?

To thrive when surrounded by risk, you must adapt quickly to new opportunities

Risk is a natural part of our world. It’s there in every brave decision, every moment of change. Your long-term success is built on the ability to understand risk and adapt, so you can take bold action to get ahead of the pack.

Nature is constantly evolving, finding unexpected ways to flourish in challenging conditions. We brought together industry experts to discuss how this can inspire organisations as they seek to transform in response to risk, enabling them to stay agile and grow. 

Filmed in collaboration with Sky News, this episode explores why many of the biggest challenges facing business will be Better Solved Together. Watch now

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The expert panellists featured in this episode from our Better Solved Together series:

Kim Morgan-Verlaque

Chief Business Integrity Officer at Unilever

Dr Adam Rutherford

Geneticist, writer and broadcaster

Mohammad Khan

General Insurance Leader at PwC UK

What can business learn from nature?

Survival of the fittest. Dog eat dog. It’s a jungle out there. The language of business borrows heavily from the natural world, but what can we learn from nature when it comes to managing risk? 

From climate change to the threat of cyber attack, businesses are dealing with increasingly complex and varied risks. In the face of constant disruption, organisations must learn to adapt and evolve to changes in the environment in which they operate, staying agile and developing new ways to thrive. Animals have been doing this for millions of years.

Whether organisms or organisations, nothing or nobody can afford to stand still in a rapidly changing environment. If they are to thrive, they must embrace - and rethink - risk, but in a managed way.

“Risk surrounds us and needs to be managed and mitigated, not simply avoided or feared, in order to create opportunities, because that's the only way you're going to grow. The question is how much risk are you willing to bear? You don't want to take on so much that you would put yourself as an entire organisation at risk.”

Mohammad Khan, General Insurance Leader at PwC UK

For businesses, that might be moving into new markets or adapting their business model. For animals, that might be migrating to or exploring new territories.

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Rethink Risk

Risk is fast-moving and unpredictable. To succeed, you must be resilient, with the ability to adapt and emerge stronger from whatever disruption you face. 

We can help rethink your approach to risk, giving you greater insight into the challenges ahead so you can make confident decisions and uncover opportunities for growth.

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