What can business learn from space?

Accelerated innovation and pushing the boundaries of achievement will be vital in the race to net zero

Reaching net zero is everyone’s biggest challenge. The response must combine urgency and imagination with technological innovation to challenge the very notion of what is possible.

Past achievements can help show the way forward and in this video we explore the lessons to be learned from the space race: from taking a giant leap in innovation to harnessing the power of bold ambitions and strong leadership.

Filmed in collaboration with Sky News, the video highlights why the challenges of achieving net zero will be Better Solved Together. Watch the video now.

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What can business learn from space?

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The expert panellists featured in this episode from our Better Solved Together series:

Tanya Sinclair

Policy Director at ChargePoint

Libby Jackson

Human Exploration Programme Manager at UK Space Agency

Zubin Randeria

ESG Leader at PwC UK

What can business learn from space?

One of the greatest achievements of the twentieth century was the moon landing, which was the culmination of just over a decade of advancements that went from the first satellite launching to Neil Armstrong making his “giant leap for mankind”. 

Despite a pledge from President Kennedy that the US would be first to achieve the feat, the idea the space race could be won, practically from a standing start, in just over 10 years was unthinkable at the time. Now, human achievement must be pushed to the extremes once more, within a similar time frame, if we are to stem the impact of climate change.

“We’ve got 10 years to half global emissions; to reduce global warming by one and a half degrees. And therefore while the space race was a race between two superpowers for national prestige, this is a challenge of a completely different order. This is a planetary challenge. This is one where the planet needs to solve it together.”

Zubin Randeria, ESG leader at PwC UK

Doing so will take a huge amount of political will. In the same way Kennedy made that promise to win the space race, so leaders around the world will be instrumental in driving progress towards net zero goals, galvanising citizens and working with businesses to create new industries and foster innovation and skills.

The space race ushered in an accelerated era of innovation and so the race to net zero must also drive increased innovation, in areas such as renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Visit Sky News to read the full article from our Better Solved Together series.


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