Trade Matters

Trade matters to the UK economy. And as we prepare for Brexit and to leave the single market and current customs union, it matters more than it has for a generation.

These pages will explore some of the most pressing matters around the UK's future trading relationships, with insights from some of the country's leading experts in all aspects of international trade.


UK-EU Trade: how’s it looking at one year until Brexit?

A year ago Paul George opened this podcast series by looking at what we could expect from the Brexit negotiations. Now, with a year to go until the UK exits the EU, he is rejoined by Sir John Grant, former Permanent Representative of the UK to the EU, and former UK trade negotiator Phil Brown, alongside Emily Khan from PwC’s Trade and Investment Hive, to discuss the progress made so far and what may happen in the months ahead.

What’s the next big milestone? What can businesses be doing now and what should the focus be going forward? These are just some of the questions discussed in this ‘one year to go’ episode.

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Brexit - One Year to Go

With one year until Brexit, PwC's Nick C Jones reflects on the Institute for Government's 'Brexit: One Year to Go' debate bringing together speakers and guests from business and government.

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Trade after Brexit: Is smart technology smart enough for Brexit's borders?

Michael Moore, PwC Senior Adviser, explores the political conundrum surrounding the Irish border, and why there is still so much focus on the challenge it represents.

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Not too far to trade: Three reasons to be optimistic about trade opportunities for the UK and South Africa

David Armstrong, Strategy& Partner focused on all things Trade, says trade has been muted between the UK and South Africa to date but we have good reason to be optimistic about future trade oportunities.

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What we need to know about the UK’s trading challenge

As we look to the future of UK trade after Brexit, a welcome spotlight has been shone on the importance of exports for our future prosperity, but PwC Partner, Matt Alabaster, says we need to ground the debate in data.

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