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A very short guide to: Understanding your market

Seedlip produces non-alcoholic distilled spirits. Like gin, we use copper stills and botanicals to create a sophisticated and grown up alternative to the standard options available to non-drinkers. With the current focus on health - and especially cutting out sugar - it’s a case of right product, right time. We’re stocked by Selfridges and have been picked up by a number of top locations in London.

Growth has been rapid. It’s not sustainable to do everything yourself so my team is expanding. My ethos is to make sure from the outset I have the best team around me. That goes from the guy doing the bottling through to who’s doing the accounts.

I had no idea a product like My Financepartner existed; I was told about it by a friend in the drinks industry. As a start-up, hearing about the service and what they could do – in terms of accessing all that different expertise, tax, employment and so on – with the weight of PwC behind it was kind of amazing.

Getting up to speed with everything as a mostly one man band has been overwhelming given the pace of our growth – there’s been so much to understand and get on top of. The My Financepartner team, both the team based in Belfast who run my accounts and my Financepartner were supportive through the process. I feel like I’m getting into a rhythm now around what needs to happen by when – I’m getting up to speed and dealing with shares, tax, payroll, reporting, pensions; there’s a whole team on board.

What works well is the role of the Financepartner. He’s really involved around providing that access to other people from PwC, helping me navigate the organisation to get to the right people and filter all the advice through one person and making things happen. There’s a lack of sleepless nights just knowing that there’s a whole organisation there – all that expertise and resource to call on is a real blessing. There’s a full army on side to answer my questions and deal with the commercial and finance issues.

We’re still growing fast – we’re launching two more products this year. I’m building a strong foundation of a business that will be capable of going worldwide. Our innovative products represent such an opportunity globally and the timing feels right.

Ben Branson, Founder Seedlip


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