Cashflow Coach - The free short term forecasting app for Xero and Sage Accounting

If cash flow is on your mind then you probably don't want to spend more of it on cash flow forecasting software. Let our AI tool predict your businesses' cash position today, tomorrow and up to six weeks out for free.

Take the guesswork out of your future finances

Cashflow Coach uses smart AI to make predictions about your financial future based on the past reconciled transactions that have gone in and out of your business. By analysing patterns in your businesses' past transactions, Cashflow Coach builds a forward looking prediction on what might happen within your businesses'. Predictions are intuitively displayed in a graphical format that displays your cash inflows and outflows over the next week, 30 days and six weeks. It also includes a helpful alert function to warn you if it predicts that you might run out of cash.

The more you use it, the better it gets

Cashflow Coach learns whether transactions such as new sales or purchase invoices are one-off or regular transactions by looking at patterns over time. If a prediction doesn’t include a transaction that you know is coming, you can simply edit or add a new transaction to see how this could affect your overall cash flow prediction.

Share with your team

For the serial entrepreneur we’ve also made it easy to connect as many companies as you want to Cashflow Coach. And if you want to share your predictions with your colleagues you can do that too with our simple share function.

Explore Cashflow Coach's features

Cashflow Coach is designed with simplicity in mind. Set alerts, interrogate your transactions and share with your team in a few simple clicks. Explore our feature set and get started today.

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PwC for accountants and bookkeepers

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Easy to set up

1 - Create an account

If you use 'Sage Accounting' or 'Xero', getting started couldn't be easier. Simply click 'create an account' on this page and provide us with some basic information on your business.

- Connect with Sage or Xero

Once we've verified your account you'll need to sync your ledger to Cashflow Coach. This can be done by selecting 'connect my business' from your list of verifed companies. From there log into your account and select sync. It takes a little while for your data to be pulled through but as soon as it's done you're free to get started.

3 - Explore Cashflow Coach

Now you've got an account, Cashflow Coach will start to make its predictions. Predictions are updated every two hours and are based on the latest information in your ledger. The more information you add in, the more it learns. To get the most out of Cashflow Coach we recommend that you regularly sync your accounting software with your bank account and keep your accounts up-to-date.

Watch our case studies and see how we are making a real difference to small businesses

Cash is king when you're a social enterprise. Eat My Lunch, which provides a lunch for a hungry school kid for every lunch it sells to the public, shares its story on how they stay on top of it.


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Anthem is a fast growing contemporary communications agency that helps companies find their most powerful voice. When they needed support to stay on top of their cashflow they turned to PwC's latest app Cashflow Coach.


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Cashflow Coach integrates seamlessly with Xero to to create a real time prediction of your cash position today, tomorrow and up to six weeks ahead. We import every bill and invoice from Xero and use machine learning to analyse customer and supplier behaviour to form a prediction of when these will be paid.

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Cashflow Coach compliments Sage Accounting perfectly. To get started simply create an account, sync your Sage accounting software and let PwC do the rest.

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