My Financepartner

“Why didn’t I know that for less than the average salary of a finance manager, I could have had an entire finance team for a single low cost price”

Your business advisor, accountant, financial controller and bookkeeper all in one.


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What do I get? You’ll get exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t.

How does it work?

If all you want from your accountant is to file your year-end accounts, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

My Financepartner is PwC’s tailored accounting service for ambitious start-ups and fast growing businesses that demand more. Unlike most accountants, our service is designed to work as an extension to your existing finance team or, if you’d prefer, as an alternative to hiring one at all.

And not just over the phone either. We spend time in your offices getting to know your business, what’s important to you, before working alongside your team to help you understand and manage the financial performance of your business.

Delivered by experienced accountants – many of whom have worked in or run small businesses themselves - My Financepartner brings together specialist bookkeepers, payroll professionals, tax advisors and leading cloud technology to meet even the most demanding business needs.

All you need to do is choose the subscription services that you want, build your package and we’ll do the rest. And all from only £750 p/m.


“What’s available?”

Period end support

“I need a pair of eyes to keep a close watch on what goes in and out of the business.”

Your Financepartner, supported by our team of qualified accountants, is experienced in working with businesses of all sizes in all sectors to help manage their period end more efficiently. Their combined vigilance ensures that money going in and out of your business corresponds to what is actually happening in your bank account. They will also keep tabs on customer payments owing as well as supplier payments due, making sure that nothing gets overlooked.

Keeping the record straight

Overseen by your Financepartner, our team of qualified accountants will record fixed asset additions and disposals, and calculate any depreciation to be charged. They also prepare and review VAT returns, not to mention keeping an eye on your tax position, and how big your bill to the HMRC will be at the end of the year. Put it all together and you’ve got a first-class service that leaves you confident that you’re always making decisions based on the facts.

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Year end accounting

“I don’t want submitting my year end accounting to get in the way of everything else.”

Preparing and filing statutory accounts takes up time and resources. Let it take up our time and resources so you can get back to what’s important. We’ll make sure you stay ahead by:

Understanding your needs
Your dedicated Financepartner will get to know what’s important to you and your business, how you work and the tools you use. Then we'll implement a process that works for you.

Meeting your deadlines
We’ll prepare and file your statutory accounts for your approval, quickly, efficiently and in line with the latest UK requirements. By removing delays, we remove pressure.

Providing expertise and experience
PwC accountants have worked with businesses of all sizes, in every industry. They’ve even run a few. That’s knowledge and insight you won’t find on the high street.

Removing the burden
We know your focus is not accounting. So, we’ll replace the jobs that hold you back with a process that helps drive you forward.

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“I want to meet my tax obligations but I don’t want my tax to be a burden.”

We do corporate tax returns, personal tax, monthly VAT returns and help you work out what tax relief you’re entitled to. But we don’t just file tax returns. We take away the pain of increasingly complex tax codes and planning to give you peace of mind.

Taking the strain
Submitting your annual corporation tax return isn’t something you relish. We’ll work out how much you owe, prepare and file your returns and keep everything compliant.

No one knows your business like you; no one knows tax like us. From our 195,000 staff, together we’ll find the right people to keep you tax efficient.

Our network
Are you ready for your next move? With specialist tax knowledge in hundreds of national and local jurisdictions across the globe, we certainly are.

Reducing risk
When it comes to tax, risk is not a good thing. Our specialists will guide you and bring best practices to all your tax issues. Less risk means better control.

Handling the difficulties
We know tax can be tricky. We can resolve disagreements with tax authorities when they arise so it doesn’t have to be tricky for you.

Have a strategy
Your plans and processes are unique to your business. We advise you on tax strategies that complement your specific business and operational objectives and help you to take advantage of relevant tax breaks.

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Management information

“I’m not a control freak but I always need to know what’s really going on in my business.”

We take a deep dive into your numbers, combining your financial and operational data, to unlock the secrets of what’s going on within your business. Uncover where opportunities may be hiding as well as what’s holding you back. Think of it as a real-time health check for your business.

What you need to know
Where are you making and losing most money? Which are your most important customers or suppliers? Are you optimising staffing? How quickly are you burning through cash? We detail it all.

Built around your needs
Our Financepartners take the time to get to know your business and what’s important to you. Then we build you a unique tailored digital dashboard that tells you all you need to know.

Designed to fit
We understand that you don’t like your business operation disrupted so we work within your parameters, using whatever information and data you have to provide a complete picture. This isn’t about forcing you to change the way you do things, but about making sure everything fits your business like a glove.

Letting you focus
Compiling management information isn’t a good use of your time. We take care of that so you can do the job of assessing and acting upon it.

Keeping it simple
Making sense of the numbers isn’t easy. We report them to you in a way that’s quick to understand and highly visual for you, your board, bank or investors to interrogate.

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“I can’t afford the time it takes to get payroll right. I can’t afford the cost of getting it wrong.”

Paying your staff and the HMRC correctly, and on time, is a must. But payroll has become increasingly complex. To take that burden off you, our fully managed payroll service can take care of everything. And we mean everything:

Delivering support
Whether you’re needing support with your UK or international payroll, we can help.

Getting rid of risk
You need to manage risk today and in the future. Our payroll team and function provide industry-leading support now, and for when changes come.

Ensuring compliance
Worried if your payroll meets regional compliance obligations? Our ISAE 3402 accredited team give you that – plus governance and control on top.

Staying in control
Sick staff, annual leave and overtime are constant considerations. We’ll give you the confidence of knowing that what you’re paying them is accurate each month.

Becoming part of you
By integrating with your existing systems our service becomes a seamless extension of your business. Always supported by the right technology.

Offering value for money
This level of outsourced support might sounds expensive. It’s not. Our monthly packages start at a fixed price and services can be scaled up or down according to your business size, needs and budget.

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“I need to stay on top of my books, so I can focus on growth.”

Let’s be honest, you don’t enjoy bookkeeping. It’s not what you got into business to do. The good news is, it’s one of the reasons we did.

Built around your specific needs, we offer:

All the basics done right
We can handle all your supplier invoices, employee expenses and invoice-due reports. Then process them accurately and efficiently, every month, every year.

Pain-free payments
We’ll take care of all your sales invoices as well as creating payroll journals and bank payment files. That means your bills are paid on time, and you’ll know whose aren’t.

Support you can count on
Our team include industry-leading, highly-qualified and experienced bookkeepers. They’re just as happy to work with your current bookkeeper, or do it all for you.

Know your cashflow
Efficiently completed books give you a clear overview on what’s coming in and what’s going out. Real-time information means you’ll make better informed decisions.

Peace of mind
Years of industry experience ensures that we know all VAT rules inside out, meaning you don’t have to. We also set and agree SLAs monthly, so you’ll always know where you stand.

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Cloud accounting software

“To make good decisions, I need a real-time picture of my finances.”

If you haven’t already made the move to cloud, we can help you make it, using our own or another software package. We will source the market to find the solution that’s right for you. Real-time and available on the go, cloud accounting software updates your system instantaneously so there’s no need to return to the office to check on your banking or accounting.

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