My Financepartner - How to switch

Broadband, bank account, energy provider … sometimes getting the right service means switching provider and even though it feels like a wrench we’ve made moving to our service simple and stress free.

Turn accounting into action

Make the simple, stress-free move to PwC’s My Financepartner and see the difference immediately. Why? Because there’s only a limited amount of time and attention in the day and you need to focus on being the best in your field. That means leaving the finance and accounting stuff to those who are specialists in that field.

Why switch?

Because you’ve got ambition and we’ve got a solution to match it. And we can adapt that solution to keep pace as your business grows. Put yourself in complete control with the services, products and plans designed to help you get there quickly. Pick a package, pick a time, and we’ll make it happen.

Pick your package

You may know what your business wants. And you may want us to help you with that. But at My Financepartner, we won’t sell you what you don’t need. We’ll always talk you through your options to make sure you get what’s right. You can change your mind whenever you want by adding new services as you grow, or by removing ones you no longer need.

Meet your team

The right answer includes the right people. Based on what you want, we’ll put together a team to meet your needs, connecting you to PwC’s wide network of experts. Your dedicated Financepartner will want to meet you face to face first, to understand you and your business better. But you tell us what works for you. Are you thinking of moving to our cloud-based services? What data do you want in your management reporting? Let us know and we’ll sort it. Fast.

We don’t hang around

We’ll get you up and running and your teams up to speed, fast. They’ll receive the training they need from our experienced professionals. Then you’ll get the most out of what we offer. We’ll also visit as often as you choose. Or you can reach us by phone at any time.

How long will it take?

Depending on what you need, it could be as little as two weeks. But give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation and we’ll give you a better answer.

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