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“I need to know that legal and compliance aspects of my business are properly covered, but I don’t want to pay for solicitors.”

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The number of legal problems faced by UK SMEs last year


of these businesses reported that these problems had a negative impact on their business


of SMEs have no one in house to deal with these problems

How does it work?

Every business needs to be legally compliant. My Lawpartner makes sure yours is.

Provided by EPOQ, this digital legal portal offers 24-hour online and helpline access to expert business information and live legal support. That’s convenience. That’s peace of mind. That’s what we think you want.

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A tiered service

Digital only
Immediate access to jargon-free law guides, the latest legal information, and the ability to create essential legal documents for your business.

Review and advice
In addition to your digital-only service, you also get access to 24-hour specialist legal and business advice and a team who will check and, if necessary, make bespoke amendments to any document created through My Lawpartner.

Access to traditional high street lawyers is slow and costly. Why wait and pay the expense if you don’t have to? All the documents and guides at My Lawpartner are up to date and pre-approved by EPOQ’s legal advisors and instantly accessible.

What else?

We guide you through

Our intuitive tech partner EPOQ provides our software. It helps you create your own documents, gives you prompts when needed and ensures you enter the right details.

The human touch

Sometimes you might prefer to talk to someone. We have a team of solicitors who are available 24/7, so you can get advice and support whenever you want, however many times you want.

A complete service

You won’t need all of them but we have hundreds of legal document preparation services to cover every requirement. Each one available with access to the specialist legal team for document review, unique amendments and sign-off.

What are people saying about it?

“Brilliant, just saved me £100s...”

“I wish I had found this sooner, it's already proving to be a brilliant asset to my business!”

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