My Returns Reminder

"A free app that helps me to avoid late payment penalties. What’s not to love?"

Reminders on time, every time

We get that you're busy and that's why our tool actively reminds you about your deadlines before you miss them. Not afterwards when it's too late.

Missing deadlines can be costly

Companies House filings, VAT, Corporation Tax and PAYE returns. That's a lot of potential fines that, in just a few simple clicks, we can help you to avoid.

It’s free

Say goodbye to emails from HMRC that get lost in your inbox. Sign up for free and get reminders direct to your phone when you need them most.

How does it work?

Honestly it's not rocket science. But then neither is submitting your tax returns on time, and look how many people fail to do that.

Our app is designed to solve one simple problem - reminding business owners when they need to pay HMRC so they can avoid unnecessary penalties.

It works by sending proactive alerts to your phone when your VAT, Corporation Tax, PAYE and Companies House filings are due. You set the frequency of your reminders, and the app will do the rest. And if you miss a deadline, it will tell you that too.  Although we hope that won't be a problem you'll have to worry about.

How do I get started?

My Returns Reminder is free, quick, and easy to install on your phone. To get started simply visit either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, type in My Returns Reminder, and click download.

Once downloaded you'll need an email address and registered company name to create your account.  It really is as easy as that.

If you miss a deadline HMRC will catch you. My Returns Reminder helps you to reduce the risk of penalties so they don't have to.

Simple yet effective

Proactive notifications

My Returns Reminder will notify you in advance of of your PAYE, Corporation Tax, Confirmation Statement, Annual Accounts and VAT deadlines.

Penalties to avoid

We all make mistakes. The trick is to deal with them quickly. My Returns Reminder provides information on the penalties you face if you miss your deadlines. Which we're hoping you won't.

A personalised experience

Tailor your reminders to suit you.  You select the frequency of the reminders you want and let the app be your conscience, PA and diary all rolled into one.

What are people saying about it?

It's like having someone looking out for me and my business. And the great thing is that it hasn't cost me a thing.

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