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“As a business why didn’t I know there were Research & Development incentives I could claim?”

Boost your cashflow

Claim up to 33.35% of costs relating to eligible R&D investments.  And that doesn’t just mean new technology investments.

It doesn’t cost much, if anything

We have a simple pricing policy: our fee is 12.5% and nothing if you’re not eligible.  We can check that in a quick three-step test.

It’s quick and easy to do

It’s one of the fastest ways to prepare an R&D claim online. You’re supported by PwC specialists throughout the process.

How does it work?

Nifty R&D is a PwC-powered online tool that helps small businesses apply for Research & Development Tax Credits in the UK. Or, put differently, it’s an opportunity for your business to receive additional cash, really easily. You just need to register an account with us and answer a few simple questions. We’ll review and then complete the claim.

It’s a super-fast way to prepare an online R&D claim and we won’t charge you if you’re not eligible.

What are R&D Tax credits?

R&D tax credits are a key part of the government's strategy to support innovation in the UK.

SMEs can claim a cash benefit of up to 33.35% of costs relating to an activity or initiative that is considered eligible; boosting cash flow and enabling investment in growth.

Eligibility is defined more broadly than you might imagine, and it can include costs incurred in the course of substantially extending capabilities of existing technologies and processes. For example, if you're developing a bespoke trading platform or CRM system, or if you're re-designing your manufacturing process, you may be eligible. Where your activity or initiative is classed as eligible, your claim will include a wide range of associated costs, including the payroll cost of those involved.

When you make a claim, you don’t want to wait and you don’t want to fight. Our team of specialists knows the government guidelines, R&D legislation and they know how to assess, compile and support R&D claims. So, it’s pain-free for you and could be very valuable for your business.

What else?

Big four quality at a boutique price

Nifty R&D helps small businesses and startups access the expertise of a top tier consulting firm at the price and speed of a boutique R&D provider.

We live and breathe R&D

Our team has a depth of experience in assessing, compiling and supporting R&D claims. We have a specialist team  of individuals with vast experience in helping small businesses make successful R&D claims.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Salaries and other people costs
  • External resource expenses
  • Materials and software licenses
  • Subcontractor expenses
  • Heat, light and power expenses

What are people saying about it?

I had no idea I could claim cashback from HMRC for research and development

Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson


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