MailshotMaker by Royal Mail

“I want a simple and affordable way to get in contact with potential new customers.”

Reach the right people

Looking for new customers? The right customers? The Royal Mail have comprehensive data on 29 million households waiting to be used.

Great designs, made in minutes

You can customise designs on professional templates, change layouts, styles and colours. And, with a free image library and easy-to-use
editor, everything’s there for you.

It’s cost effective

You can create mailshots from just 49p. That includes high-quality printing, postage and delivery. And there’s no minimum charge.
Just send as many as you want, for a price you can afford.

How does it work?

This all-in-one online tool from the Royal Mail means you can make and send mailshots quickly and effectively. When you reach more people, you gain more customers.

How does it help me to grow?

Everything can be done in a few easy steps and you’ll get the advice you need as you go.

Get your message out and bring customers in. See how good it looks by sending one to yourself for free.

What else?

Use Royal Mail’s images for free

Finding great, free-to-use imagery can be hard, so Royal Mail have created an image library just for you.

No compromise on quality

Royal Mail digitally print on high quality paper so your mailshots will always look great.

Trust Royal Mail to get it there

Make sure your mailshots get a positive response. They visit nearly every UK doorstep, six days a week.

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