The 'Sales Impact Academy' supported by PwC

Supercharge your sales pipeline

Do you want to grow your customer base?

This virtual programme will teach you how to create and constantly refresh your pipeline with high quality opportunities. It will also teach you the skills you'll need to convert them too. 

Triple your pipeline or more  

Bringing US best practice to UK tech firms, Sales Impact Academy uses its proven methodology to help you to build your own world class inbound and outbound prospecting machine.

Proven results from respected experts

The online courses are delivered live by globally respected sales and marketing leaders from Amazon, GoCardless, UNiDAYS, and Foundry. You will learn how to apply the lead generation techniques that helped UNiDAYS and GoCardless go from zero to over £100M in combined annual sales. 


Available courses

Go-To-Market Fundamentals

What makes you special and why should anyone buy from you? This course will help you to answer that question and, more importantly, help you to identify the customers that will care.

‘Go-To-Market Fundamentals’ underpins both outbound and inbound sales and helps you to define the problem you solve - or put another way - nail your niche. During this 2 week course you will be taught how to:

  • develop your ideal target company lists,
  • build a deep understanding of your buyer persona’s ecosystem,
  • and finally, you’ll be taught how to interview customers and prospects to help you get to the absolute truth of who they are and why they buy your product.

6x1hr lessons over 2 weeks

Outbound Prospecting 

Dedicated outbound prospecting is key to building a successful sales team. Prospecting is a skill in its own right and is typically delivered by Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) who play a critical role in the creation of a predictable sales machine.

In the Outbound Prospecting course, you and your SDRs will learn how to apply best-in-class prospecting techniques in the field and be taught the strategies you’ll need to set your sales team up for continued success.

15x1hr lessons over 5 weeks

Demand Generation

Most startups and SMEs struggle to create the systems and processes that generate demand for their products and pipeline for their sales team. This course is designed to help you as founders and your management teams to build predictable, scalable and repeatable revenue generation machines for your businesses.

Your will learn how to:

  • drive awareness of your product or service amongst your target audience,
  • convert that awareness into highly qualified inbound leads,
  • work with your sales team to convert those leads into valuable customers.

15x1hr lessons over 5 weeks

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Creating synergy between your sales and marketing teams is critical. Without it your hard work can be completely wasted. This course is offered to companies who sign up to both the Outbound Prospecting and Demand Generation courses so you can get the most out of your teams.

3x1hr lessons over 1 week

Sales Impact Academy is an online training programme supported by PwC. It offers globally proven sales techniques, delivered by recognised specialists, that will help you to create value in your fast growth business.

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