Inclusion by default

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Organisations that invest in diversity attract top talent, foster greater innovation, and have improved financial performance.

Last year our 5 days of women campaign celebrated and promoted women in business with 100 stories from 100 women. We wanted people to know that we have inspiring women across our regions and we wanted to highlight their stories, while giving confidence to inspire women that they can succeed.

But we know that this is just the start of the journey. We celebrated the one year anniversary of this campaign by looking at the broader inclusion debate by exploring topics such as Gender, BAME, what has progressed across the diversity and inclusion agenda over the past year and what each of us can do going forward.

Watch our webcast now on demand and hear from the panel on how you and your business can encourage everyone to be inclusive by default and inspire the next generation of leaders.


Suzi Woolfson, Head of Private Business and Partner Sponsor of PwC LEAP Network


Allyson Stewart-Allen, CEO and Founder of International Marketing Partners

Mark Martin, Founder, UKBlackTech

Heather Melville OBE,CCMI,  Director & Head of Client Experience at PwC

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