Annual report 2016: The Coca-Cola Company

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5by20 initiative


There is considerable evidence indicating that empowering women not only benefits them directly but also leads to a much broader, positive impact on society. In 2010, The Coca-Cola Company announced the launch of the 5by20 initiative, which aims to help enable the economic empowerment of five million women entrepreneurs across the global Coca-Cola value chain by 2020.

What is 5by20?

5by20 helps women entrepreneurs overcome the common challenges they face when establishing and growing their businesses, by providing them with access to business skills, financial services and peer/mentor support networks. At the end of 2015, the initiative had reached 1.2 million women entrepreneurs across 60 countries, and reflects Coca-Cola's long term commitment to building sustainable communities. 

What did we do?

We began working with The Coca-Cola Company in 2011, following a study that we researched and authored on how the Coca-Cola and SABMiller value chain impacted poverty in Zambia and El Salvador. The study was launched at the UN Global Compact and our initial engagement has evolved into a working relationship with Coca-Cola whereby we provide global guidance on women’s empowerment and help facilitate global programs and practices with local field teams. Our work in this area has helped build our credentials with the UN, donor agencies and other multinational corporations committed to economically empowering women.

“We believe thriving, sustainable communities are critical for a sustainable business and women are absolutely essential to our success.” 

Bea Perez, Chief Sustainability Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

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