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Annual report 2017: Culture and values transcript

Acting with integrity is important to me, because it cuts to the heart of who we are and who I am. At PwC we do the right thing and we trust other people to do the right thing even when that might be difficult so for me that’s treating people fairly.

Care enables me to help the people I work with, my team, my stakeholders to make sure that their day to day life at PwC is made much more easier, it’s the reason why I love my job.

The value re-imagine the possible really gives permission to me and my teams to challenge the status quo to do things differently.

The values help me to step back and think more creatively about how I work with teams across all of the different lines of service.

The values help me to make a difference for my clients, a big part of my role is to advise clients on the ever changing technological landscape.  I spend a lot of time making sure that I’m up to date on the current trends and new advances.

The value of care helps me by encouraging me to have open and honest conversations with my colleagues and to get to know them as people and individuals first.

The values encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to embrace transformation in my daily approach to work.

The values really enable me to bring the best to the work that I’m doing, I find that I’m much more able to be creative and innovative when I’m collaborating with other people, bouncing ideas around and getting a range different perspectives.

Re-imagine the possible helps me in my job by challenging current ways of working and encouraging those around me to be more innovative.  We’re learning as we go along and things don’t always go to plan but it’s so refreshing to be able think differently and think how we can be more effective for the clients of the future.

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