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Abu Amin - bridging change management and technology

Project Director Abu led the roll-out of our move to Google and is overseeing the introduction of our new CRM system - Salesforce. He shares his thoughts around how the implementation of technology projects is changing behaviours, and the intersection of technology and change.

As PwC moves increasingly towards the Cloud, Abu talks about how different our firm will look in the next few years and how we’re leading the way in being a tech enabled business.

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Abu Amin - bridging change management and technology


I’m Abu Amin, I’m the Programme Director on Salesforce. Before Salesforce, I led the role out of Google for the UK firm.

My passion for technology started when I got my first PC and I went from really sitting at the back of a computer science class and not paying any attention, to just being teacher’s pet pretty much within a week.

The main focus of my role is, as Programme Director, to manage a large and complex team, that is looking at the technology that we are delivering and making sure that works for our business and I’m delighted the way that the firm has adopted Google. The vision behind that programme was all about helping our people connect better with each other, collaborate more easily, and share information with each other more openly. And ultimately, all that is about making it easier for our people to work with each other and therefore making it easier and faster for them to deliver more value for our clients.  

Every technology project done right, is ultimately about change and behaviours, however what I’m really excited about is the intersection between technology and change and how you can use technology to nudge people’s behaviours and to change in a way that's kind of a bit more subtle. I think if it’s done right, technology can be a trojan horse to really challenge some of the status quo we have in our business and break down some of the barriers that we have. The transparency is a great example of that, the more transparent you make information the better ideas and the more innovation you have in your business.

Salesforce and Google are part of much bigger story of taking the whole firm on to the cloud, and it’s really exciting because we are going to be able to connect and collaborate when we need to, we’re going to have the information that we need on our mobile devices wherever we are, where ever we need to be. So the potential is just huge and to be honest we don’t know what that picture is going to ultimately look like, it’s going to play out. And we have some of the building blocks in place but not everything, but that’s what makes it really really exciting, that we can go on this journey together and shape the firm, in a way that’s going to look very different over the next two or three years.

By implementing these technologies and really using it to drive our culture, we are leading the way in being a tech enabled business. And we can then take that skill set and experience and bring tremendous value to our clients.

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