PwC Scotland establishes an alliance with CodeBase, one of Europe’s largest tech incubators

Setting the scene

Scotland has one of the fastest growing technology start-up and scale-up sectors in Europe, with billion dollar companies like SkyScanner and FanDuel starting there. However it’s a sector which has been mostly ignored by the larger professional services companies.

CodeBase, one of Europe’s largest startup incubators, is home to more than 90 of the country’s best technology companies. Codebase champions businesses tackling big challenges with technology and supports the development of a more diverse and competitive European digital industry.

Its mission is to build and scale the next great tech companies out of Scotland and the team has helped to incubate scaleup companies who have raised over half a billion dollars of investment since the 2014 launch.

“Many say it’s about wanting to be - or looking for - the next Skyscanner, but to me that misses the point. Yes, it’s fantastic that Scotland can produce unicorns and we hope there are many more of them, but private businesses of all sizes are the lifeblood of Scotland and the advice companies get at Codebase is set to help them be amongst the next generation of fast growth and big success firms. Being able to help all of these companies to the next level will be a fantastic achievement. These companies – and CodeBase itself – are making a positive difference not only to Scotland but to people across the globe and it’s exciting to be part of that.”

Lindsay Gardiner, Regional Chair, PwC Scotland

How we helped

Based in Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, CodeBase brings together ambitious entrepreneurs, world-class technological talent and top investors, in a creative, collaborative environment designed for the new digital economy. They host an open community of experts in a diverse range of fields, with hands-on mentorship, networking and business support.

Spotting an opportunity, PwC - led by Head of Innovation for Scotland, Douglas Shand - stepped in to see what we could do to help the next generation of British success stories.

Our ability to help and make a difference to all the companies at CodeBase - regardless of their size - was our USP. And since our relationship began, a key focus of our support has been providing our small business accounting platform MyFinancepartner to the companies at CodeBase HQ. Our on-site project leader works with CodeBase start-ups to deliver bespoke, real time advice for those businesses. And we’ve also been providing regular talks focussed around current business challenges - ranging from tax changes to Brexit and cyber security.

“The partnership with PwC allows us to both accelerate development on our journey to build a tech powerhouse in Edinburgh and for our companies to tap into the firm’s global expertise and networks.”

Stephen Coleman, CEO & Co-founder, CodeBase

Making a difference

We’re at the start of an ongoing relationship and working with the companies at CodeBase is a great example of the collaborative economy that many see will be the main way of working in the future.

But it’s not only been about making a difference for those at CodeBase, it’s also made a considerable difference at PwC. It’s allowing us to be seen as an organisation which is wanting to help small companies grow. And this environment and new way of working also gives our staff across our various lines of service new opportunities to work with exciting, innovative companies and build confidence and experience in dealing with a wide ranging set of business challenges.

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