Annual report 2017: Our PwC Games transcript

Stephanie Hyde, Head of Regions: It’s great for people to come together outside of work with their families, and really enjoy some sporting activities together.

Having a PwC event where there’s lots of family and friends and it’s just open to everyone is just pretty good.

To see all these, you know, extracurricular activities going on is just really cool. I’m looking forward to taking part after my race.

Dan Schwarzmann, Head of Market Initiatives and Industries: I mean, I just know about the huge amount of talent we have at PwC, but to see that talent in a different context, it’s just great to see it in such a context.

Yeah, I had high expectations but it’s met them. You know, everyone’s like super friendly, food, music.

It’s definitely better than what I expected. I think there seems to be loads of families and loads of children.

I think I’m quite impressed by the scale of it. It’s amazing that we’ve got roughly around 2,000 people here. Big PwC family, yeah.  

Gaenor Bagley, Head of Corporate Purpose: So the games have been in development, really if you think about it, for about 3 or 4 years because it started off as a triathalon team event in consulting, then the team came along and said can we run our own event and invite families and invite all the charities along, and that’s what you’re seeing today and it’s absolutely fabulous.

Kevin Ellis, Chairman and Senior Partner: It’s events like today that make it so special. We’ve got all our networks here, we’ve got all our charities here, and have made this an event that everyone will remember. And in addition to that, we’ll have raised money too, but these events cannot be carried off with such great efficiency without a brilliant organisation team. They have put on something that is going to be really special, I’ll remember it for many years to come. And the thing is, they’ve set the standard now. But thanks to them and thanks for everyone involved in this, we’ve had a great time.

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