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Shyam Radia - shortlisted Young Consultant of the Year

Shyam joined PwC through our Foundation for the Future graduate scheme and is now a Manager in our Operations Consulting practice.

He talks about what he most enjoys in his role, shares his thoughts around how millennials want to make an impact in today’s business world, and how his nomination for Young Consultant of the Year at the Management Consulting Association awards meant so much to him and his family.    

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Shyam Radia - shortlisted Young Consultant of the Year

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I’m Shyam Radia and I joined PwC 5 years ago, I’ve been with the firm since my undergrad at LSE in operational research and joined on the Consulting Foundation for the Future grad scheme, and I’ve worked my way up to my manager role in the Operations Consulting Pactice.

What I’m really enjoying about my role is the sense of empowerment I get, so I’m given a problem and told go and find a solution for this problem.  And given the right support and the right tools that you need but really given the opportunity to take it on myself, so it helps me to be able to come up with, think about a solution and approach and do things that I think are right.

As millennials there’s a number of things we’re looking for, so number 1 we really want to be able to talk about the impact that we can make.  So when we’re doing a lot of our projects, we’re now focussing on measuring our results and being able to articulate the value we’re adding for our clients.

And number 2, is around that recognition and also inclusion.  So recognising the good work that is happening, really recognising the good stuff rather than just always picking out those problems.  But also including our clients on the journey we’re going on, so doing it with them, coming up with the approach with our clients, rather than just going in and fixing the problem for them.

I was given the opportunity to lead a project out in Costa Rica with one of our private sector clients, based on the work we did there, the results we achieved and how we approached that project I was actually nominated for a Management Consulting Association award. It felt really good to be recognised, I felt empowered and it was just really nice feeling to be able to go home and talk about I’ve been nominated for this award - it was great.

When people ask what’s next for me, I find that the most difficult question.  When I joint PwC, I had a lot of assumptions around this was the career path  and this is exactly what you had to do or would end up doing but since joining I’ve found out there are loads of other opportunities for you to go and lots of avenues to explore.  So, I’m hoping to learn a lot more of the next few years and find my path with PwC.

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