Annual report 2017: Taking Pride in our LGBT+ achievements transcript

“We’ve been marching in Pride for five years now, supporting other businesses and charities” (Mark Gossington).

“and this is our biggest year, most number of people turning out, our biggest PwC investment in Pride this year” (Andy Woodfield)

“It’s great that PwC is sponsoring Pride in London, it’s all about letting our people know, our prospective people know, that they really want to work at PwC, because when they get there it is going to be a really welcoming place, somewhere where they can be themselves, and really thrive in their careers” (Ruth Punter)

“We’re a hugely diverse organisation, and it’s really nice to have an event like this where we show our diversity and be very open about it” (Dani Verbeck)

“People like us that work for PwC, we bring our whole selves to work, I don’t have to pretend to be anybody else, and it doesn’t matter who I am or who I love, I’m accepted just the way I am, and PwC enforces that and that’s great” (JD Byrne)

“I think it’s great that so many people from all different teams, from all different ages, all different grades, can come together and celebrate the, sort of, unique personality that makes people at PwC so cool” (Andy Lobo)

“I think because we actually are all different, like, people think that PwC is just a professional services firm, but we have all got personalities, we’re all different, we’re not just the same type of person, so I like it because it makes me feel like I can be myself here” (Gwen Chau)

“And what’s even better is that our company cares enough to celebrate with us and show the rest of the city of London, and really the UK and the world that this is important, that diversity matters” (Mark Irwin)

“It’s about recognising that we are all different, but spending enough time with each other that we just understand that we’re different and we appreciate that” (Ruth Punter)

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