Annual Report 2019: Our governing bodies transcript

I’m Kevin Ellis, Chairman and Senior Partner. I joined PwC in 1984 and became a partner in 1996. In 2016 I was elected by my fellow partners, in a process overseen by the Electoral Reform Society, to lead our business. 

The Senior Partner election process is also overseen by our two oversight bodies: the Supervisory Board - an elected board which represents the interest of all partners, and the Public Interest Body - which is focused on enhancing trust in the public interest elements of our business. 

The Public Interest Body is unique in our governance structure, in that the majority of its members are independent non executives, nominated by me and approved by the Supervisory Board.

As the Senior Partner, I also select my leadership team - also known as the Management Board. This is the executive body which ultimately governs and manages the business and has responsibility for the long term strategy of the firm. 

You can hear more about how each of these bodies work in practice in our video: “How we take decisions”.

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