Annual report 2019: Samantha Barrass transcript

Why is governance and transparency important?

Well governance is very important. It's the structure and the means by which an organisation can, not just run itself on a day-to-day basis, but the framework in which the senior leadership of PwC set the strategy for the future; look at the workforce for the future; and enable the firm to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

And transparency is important - I always thought transparency is a mindset. It's about being open with our information, our thoughts, our understanding of issues. And being open with what we publish, and what we disclose to our stakeholders.

What are your reflections on how PwC’s governance works in practice?

I think the big reflection on governance for me in the first twelve months has been the way in which the different parts of PwC work together - the different governance structures in PwC work together to constructively challenge and support, with a very powerful sense of integrity. And how PwC have brought a diversity of experience on the Public Interest Body (the PIB) - we're able to provide an external perspective and to add that to the significant experience and skills of the senior leaders in the organisation.

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