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Traditional industry boundaries blurred more than ever in FY21, as industry and societal issues grew more connected and partnering between sectors to solve challenges became even more important. 

Imagining a sustainable path forward needs a clear view of the big picture and the detail that underpins it, whatever the industry. Throughout FY21, we continued to position ourselves at the heart of industry convergence - whether it was supporting our energy clients working with retailers and funders to expand their electrical vehicle charging infrastructure, or helping the industrial manufacturing sector to meet the changing expectations of both consumers and government. Clients tell us that they value this broad view across sectors. 

Recognising the need for clarity in finding the best path to growth, we also created Industry in Focus, just one example of how we are bringing insights to clients in imaginative ways. Since its launch in May 2021, clients have taken advantage of this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their own sector, learn how adjacent sectors are leading through change and explore the big topics impacting all industries. 

Our deep industry expertise and insights also positioned us to help clients take advantage of the trends that are disrupting and shaping business. For example, as technology and changing consumer behaviours accelerated, we provided strategic and operational support alongside fundamental business transformation. 

Other industry challenges and opportunities that we have worked on with clients include promoting a sustainable economy and achieving net zero targets as fast as possible. Likewise, we have supported building the UK’s future physical and digital infrastructure across industries as policy makers harness opportunities to reshape the world, creating value, equality and a fairer future. We will maintain this focus into and beyond FY22 as the pace of change continues to accelerate.

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