Transcript: Good growth

Nick Jones: There's more to life than GDP. It's important to remember when we started our work, it was in the aftermath of the financial crisis. And growth needed to be measured and defined in different ways. Sustainable, inclusive, and therefore good growth.

John Hawksworth: We worked with the Demos think tank to develop our good growth index.

Polly Mackenzie: Demos is a cross party think tank that has been working on bringing people into policy making for about 25 years. We focus on giving people power, engaging people and listening to them in the formation of new strategies to tackle the long term problems that the country faces.

Nick Jones: The index covers about 40 places in the UK and tries to measure their economic performance on a range of 10 variables, things like jobs, skills, income, health, infrastructure. Really to get a relative ranking of how different places perform on each of those measures. And importantly, our index marries together economic statistics with the views of the public.

John Hawksworth: I think as an economist, you often spend your time treading through the standard statistics on things like GDP and employment. So what was quite nice about this project was looking at the much broader range of things, but then also going out and getting the views of the public which is also something that as economists we don't always do.

Nick Jones:  The way we approached the research was to engage lots of stakeholders, engage the public, engage business, engage officials and experts. Our citizens juries were developed with Britain Thinks to understand in depth what the public thought about in terms of economic success.

John Hawksworth:  Policy makers increasingly recognise that they do need to take account of a broad range of factors. The ten key indicators of good growth that we've included in this index, not just about jobs and income, but about health, transport, housing, environment, and other things that really matter to people in their daily lives.

Nick Jones: The research has been used quite widely. It's been used by councils, by national government, and by businesses, all of whom need to really collaborate and work together if we're to deliver good growth in a place.

Polly Mackenzie:  It's clear that people want more than money from their government, and from their politics. I'm proud that the Good Growth index has continued to explore how as you regain economic growth after that huge financial crash of 2007/8. How  do you make sure that you engage with what people actually want?

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