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Marco Amitrano video transcript

From local start-ups to multinationals, across all industries and regions, our clients are faced with economic and political uncertainty, and unprecedented change at unprecedented pace.

They’ve seen existing issues, such as harnessing the power of technology and managing risk, become even more pressing - while new, evolving pressures like pivoting operations and employee and customer safety, have now forced their way more consistently onto the agenda. 

Working alongside our clients to solve their most important problems, moving with speed, imagination and care, is at the core of our purpose at PwC. 

Our five lines of service today do this by seeking to take what we call an issues-led and asset-backed approach. This means talking to our clients about what matters most to them, their people, their customers and society at large. Underneath this it’s about combining business understanding with technology innovation and human insight, whilst also drawing on the strength of our Alliance Partnerships and our PwC Global Network.

This year, we’ve worked alongside our clients during the COVID-19 crisis in a way that I think really underlines the purpose of PwC and what we all want to bring to life in our work: we’ve helped to secure food supplies, to support the NHS frontline response, to save jobs following insolvencies and to protect the livelihoods of many others through access to government schemes. 

While working remotely under exceptional circumstances, we’ve also delivered large-scale, technology-enabled transformation projects, strategic workforce initiatives, and thousands of audits.  

Continued investment in priority areas has allowed us to help clients transform and grow through effective cost management, to fight cyber crime, and to match buyers with valuable assets. We’ve brought new technology and data to our clients, supporting everything from improved tax compliance and reporting around the world to developing and delivering strategic customer insights.  

We’ve also helped clients with their Brexit planning and Net Zero decarbonisation strategies, and we’re seeing increased demand for what we call Execution Managed Solutions - or EMS for short - which help organisations shift to new operating models, to more successfully meet regulatory requirements, and to focus on improving their core business processes. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has again validated the many ways that trust is earned and eroded, making the role of trust more important than ever in our relationships with our clients. These relationships are not only built on the character of our people, but also on the breadth and depth of our competence and expertise.  

As we move into the mid-to-post-COVID world, I’m spending a lot of my time listening and talking to organisations as they seek stability and new disciplines - ultimately looking to thrive, not just survive. It’s clear there’s more uncertainty ahead, but we remain absolutely committed to working alongside our clients as they repair, rethink and reconfigure what they do and how they do it.

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