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Upskilling Reporting Award submission form

The Upskilling Reporting Award will ‘shine a light’ on those organisations who are leading the way and clearly articulating why and how they are upskilling their people and communities. Not only will we review what is said, but also the tone from leadership and how integrated plans are into the wider organisational strategy. Our goal is to identify the organisations which are driving the most innovative change, not simply those who are investing more capital.

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In 1,000 words or less please tell us how your organisation has prioritised and taken action on upskilling, focussing on your reporting year, ending between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021?
In line with the award criteria, we encourage you to focus on the following areas to the extent they are relevant to you:

  1. How has your organisation assessed its expected skills gap and made plans for the future?
  2. What main interventions has your organisation developed to address the identified skills gap?
  3. How have you measured the impact of upskilling (individuals and organisation)? Can you give some examples of the impact on individuals?
  4. How are you using your upskilling work to incentivise, encourage and inspire those inside and outside your organisation?
  5. Reinvests or gives away at least half of its profits or surpluses towards its social or environmental purpose.

Supporting Evidence

Please upload supporting evidence. This could include:

  1. Reports (people or skills strategy)
  2. Quotes, testimonials or case studies
  3. Published training courses or calendars
  4. Examples of interventions
  5. Formal or informal communications

Maximum of 3 documents. Evidence does not count towards the maximum word count.

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