As in previous years we’ve had our whole report assured.

Having robust non-financial information gives us confidence in making business decisions and helps us to build trust with our stakeholders.

And, as the leading provider of assurance for FTSE 100 sustainability reports, we feel we should lead by example.

Our internal audit team reasonable assure all of the narrative and the data in our annual report, and they oversee a review of the TIMM data by an independent PwC expert.

We also receive external limited assurance against the ISAE3000 and ISAE3410 standards from our financial auditor, Crowe Clark Whitehill (CCW) for all of the performance data in our sustainability scorecard.

Their review focused on our 2017 data, covering our quality and ethics, workplace and diversity, environment, community involvement, social inclusion, and supply chain scorecards.

Our Reporting Criteria document provides further details and forms the basis for CCW’s review. Their full, independent assurance statement is also available in our sustainability scorecard and commitments document, in the data and downloads section of our Annual Report.

Summary of our sustainability reporting assurance:

2017 provider

Extent of assurance

PwC Internal Audit

Reasonable assurance of all sustainability data and narrative (includes Quality & ethics, Workplace & diversity, Community, Social inclusion, Environment, and Supply chain information, and our Total Impact results).

Crowe Clark Whitehill

Limited assurance of all baseline and 2017 sustainability performance data to the ISAE 3000 standard, and – for greenhouse gas emissions – to the ISAE 3410 standard. CCW also audit the financial data in our annual report.

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