Multicultural Business Network

The Multicultural Business Network (MBN) was created in 2012 to engage, educate, enrich and empower all our people to best represent our brand.  .

This video introduces the MBN and explains its purpose.


Below are our main objectives:

  1. Cultural awareness - Promoting the cultural diversity of the firm and helping people become more culturally agile
  2. Commercial awareness - Demonstrating the commercial benefits of cultural awareness
  3. Connecting - Building a network across the various existing groups to engage in the topic of cultural diversity
  4. Career development - Supporting minority ethnic professionals with career progression and development at PwC.
  5. Community engagement - Making a positive contribution to the diverse communities where we work and live

The MBN helps us gain maximum benefit from having over 120 nationalities within our UK firm and supports the UK’s strategic focus on key markets e.g. Middle East and Africa We aim to give our people the skills, commercial knowledge and cultural awareness that they need to work effectively in an increasingly global market place.

The MBN seeks to create opportunities through the multiculturalism of our firm. The mission is to improve our internal and external experiences when engaging with people from different cultures through our activities and events.

Additionally we have five religious networks; PwC Muslims, Jewish, Sikh, Hindus and Christians, who together with the MBN promote collaboration.

To find out more information, please feel free to email us. You can follow us on twitter @PwCCulture and follow us on Spark if you are an employee of PwC.