PwC 2017 Gender Pay Report

We were one of the first UK organisations to voluntarily publish our gender pay gap in 2014 and the largest employer and first professional services firm to report under the government's new guidelines.


Our disclosable pay gap of 15.2% (as published in our 2016 annual report ) has fallen this year to 13.7% showing that we are making progress to address any imbalance within the business.

Our analysis of our gender pay gap shows that it is largely driven by the fact that there are more men in senior higher-paid roles within the business. When we adjust for this factor our pay gap drops to 2.9%, where any differences can largely be explained by time in role and skill set factors. When looking at our bonus gap it is predominantly driven by two key factors, the first being that there are more men in senior roles and secondly the number of part time opportunities across our business, which are mainly filled by women. At PwC we are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business. We continue to take action to address any gaps and to make sure our policies and practices are fair. This includes actively reviewing decisions around our annual performance, pay and bonus round.

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