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Hi my name is Michael Seres and I’m Co-Founder of 11 Health. 11 Health is a health technology company that has developed a sensor device for the 5 million plus stoma patients, of which I’m one of them. Our company is great because it has a profound effect on the lives of those stoma patients enabling them to do everyday activities such going to the toilet, going out, going to the cinema and on the train, that ordinary people take for granted. How? Because our device clips on to the outside of any stoma bag, sends a Bluetooth signal to a mobile phone or tablet and allows the patient to be alerted as and when that bag is filling.

Our ambition is to develop a full remote healthcare management system. What this means is that clinicians, carers and nurses will be able to access the data generated by the device to deliver better clinical outcomes and help patients better manage their condition.

Asia is important to us because we are aware that there are over 1.5 million stoma patients that can benefit from our device. It also provides a great opportunity for product development and manufacturing. 

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