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Will Butler-Adams, CEO of Brompton Bikes talks about why his business, designing and manufacturing folding bikes is GREAT.

PwC are proud to support the Invest in GREAT Britain campaign.  The UK attracts a huge volume of Foreign Direct Investments every year and is the number one destination for inward investment in Europe - when you consider the market opportunity, access to talent, adoption of technology, quality of universities and innovation, it's easy to see why

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My name is Will Butler-Adams.  I’m CEO at Brompton Bicycle and what makes us great is that we make awesome folding bikes that allow people to have fun and they whizz about cities all over the world and instead of people getting out of bed, all tired, jumping into a car and getting frustrated or scuttling down a hole and getting jammed into the tube, they get up, they’re tired, they unfold one of our bikes and they fly across the city, they cut through the park, they go along the river and they get to work feeling alive.  And they get there quicker and they feel healthier and they contribute to our little world and that is what we do.

We are exporting 80 per cent of our bikes to 40 countries round the world but we’ve hardly started.  There are 70,000 Bromptons in London and only 4 per cent of people in London ride a bike to get to work, to get around.  If we were in Copenhagen where 40 per cent of people move around on a bicycle there wouldn’t be 70,000 Bromptons in London there’d be 700,000 Bromptons in London and that is one city in the world.

Twenty years ago Asian cities were full of bicycles and suddenly they’ve all disappeared and people are moving into the cities in their millions and people can remember what it was like to have bicycles in the city, they can remember what it was like when there wasn’t air pollution.  We need to bring the bicycle back to cities in Asia.  We need to get people back engaged with their bicycle to solve some of the problems in cities all across Asia and that is why we are seeing such tremendous growth and excitement about the Brompton.  The quality, the Britishness and the great product that we produce.

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