Who we are

PwC is founded on a culture of partnership with a strong commercial focus.  This is reflected in our vision:

"One firm - a powerhouse of a commercial enterprise that does the right thing for our clients, our people and our communities."

Our goal is to build the iconic professional services firm, always front of mind, because we aim to be the best.  We set the standard and we drive the agenda for our profession.  

We value our past but look to invest in our future to leave the firm even stronger than when we inherited it.

We will achieve the three pillars of our vision by living and breathing a common set of behaviours.

1. One firm

We are one firm, an extensively networked organisation that aims to bring the best of PwC to our clients each and every time. We combine rigour with fun and relish the most complex challenges. We create a flow of people and ideas. We will:

  • aim to deliver more value than our client expects
  • be agile and flexible
  • share knowledge and bring fresh insights
  • always act in the interest of the whole firm

2. Powerhouse

Our clients and people feel and benefit from the energy and power of the firm. We have talented, enterprising and intellectually curious people who will strive with our clients to achieve success. It is this purpose that enables us to attract, develop and excite the best people and inspire confidence in our clients. We will:

  • be positive and energise others
  • invest in personal relationships
  • listen with interest and curiosity, encouraging diverse views
  • have a thirst for learning and developing others

3. Do the right thing

We will deliver exceptional value with integrity, confidence and humility. We support one another and our communities. We have the courage to express our views, even when they may not be popular. We will:

  • put ourselves in our clients' shoes
  • never be satisfied with second best
  • treat people in a way we would like to be treated
  • always be brave enough to challenge the unacceptable
  • act with integrity and enhance our reputation

We must all accept personal responsibility to play our part in driving our firm demonstrating these values and behaviours - opting out is not acceptable. Put simply, this is how we define success.

This is the PwC Experience.

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