New UK Administrative Handbook. A bilingual (Japanese / English) guide to laws & regulations governing UK businesses

UK Administrative Handbook 2015/16

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest changes in UK laws and regulations can be difficult in this fast changing world. With the aim to provide a one point reference for Japanese company professionals, we have produced a comprehensive handbook covering the most frequently asked questions.

The Handbook is made up of two volumes and the topics covered are:

  • Corporate tax/VAT
  • Personal income tax/PAYE/Social security
  • Accounting
  • Entity governance & compliance
  • Immigration law
  • Employment law

This handbook is fully bilingual (English & Japanese) and is suitable for those who have recently arrived to the UK to familiarise themselves with the laws and regulations governing UK based businesses, or for those in administrative roles to brush up on their knowledge. All relevant forms are included for your ease of use.

Book 1 (£200 +VAT, CD format)

HR Topics

Immigration Law, Employment Law, Personal Income Tax, PAYE, Social Security


Book 2 (£200 + VAT, CD format)

Finance & Compliance Topics

Governance and Compliance Work, Accounting and Auditing, Corporation Tax, VAT


Please click on the images to view the samples. Information contained in the samples are from previous editions and not updated.

Duties and Liabilities of UK Directors - (£180 + VAT, CD format)

In the UK, Directors owe considerable duties and liabilities to their company, and not knowing the relevant and laws and regulations is not a valid excuse. Fulfilling your responsibilities as a Director whilst managing your business in an unfamiliar environment can be a heavy burden.

To help you understand the basic legal requirements of being a UK Director, we have created this dual language handbook in the same style as the UK Administrative Handbook (Please refer to the samples above). We recommend this as a point of reference for anyone who has been newly appointed as a UK Director or Company Secretary. The main topics covered are:

  • Directors’ capacity
  • Who is a Director
  • Directors’ duties – To whom are they owed
  • Company’s constitution
  • Statutory duties and codification
  • Directors’ duties: special considerations
  • Directors’ liability
  • Insolvency considerations
  • Investigations and directors’ disqualification
  • Protection from liability

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