The case for change: taking action to be more open minded

This film traces the journey of equality by looking back at some of the key global milestones in history emphasising that when we want to change and when we decide to act, great things can happen. It then brings the viewer up to date by setting out the business case for diversity and drawing on how the world is changing. It ends with inspirational people from business who have stood up for change. The film shows that every one of us needs to take personal responsibility to make change happen.


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When there is an overwhelming need to fight prejudice and inequality; when people decide to change and people decide to act; they can make a remarkable difference and we are all stronger for it.

Our world is changing faster than ever: populations are ageing, wealth in emerging markets is growing, climate change is a constant challenge, technology is transforming everything.

How do we embrace this change as an opportunity rather than a threat?

What do we each need to do?

We need to change but it’s not easy.

The beliefs that drive our actions have brought us a long way, but are they now holding us back?

If we seize this new opportunity only then can we all thrive.

If we open our eyes to see different perspectives and open our minds to different ways of thinking, we can do great things.

It’s time to change and it’s time to act: every one of us can take responsibility to make a difference and lead the way.

So open your mind.

Be yourself.

Be different.

Video reference source

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  • Africa’s population expected to double by 2050
  • Over 65s fastest growing segment of the population
  • China to replace US as world’s largest economy by 2030
  • Average temperatures to increase by 2% this century
  • 7 times more connected devices than people by 2020
  • 40 cities with population over 10 million expected by 2025

PwC CEO survey

Diversity: finding different ways of thinking and working

  • 85% of companies with a diversity strategy have improved business performance

Global Gender Balance Scorecard Report

  • 20-first
  • 30% club
  • 9 female CEOs in top 300 global companies
  • Proportion of female FTSE directors doubled between 2010 and 2014

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