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Video Transcript: ColourBrave Event

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ColourBrave Event

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Sarah Churchman:

Our ColourBrave Charity Committee was launched a year ago, following the murder of George Floyd, which I think for everybody laid bare the very reality of racial inequality in today's society.

Saye Mkangama:

In forming the committee, we took people from across different parts of the business, across different grades, and across different locations and regions as well. So we really have a committee of people who are really keen to support charities, really keen to understand more about the way PwC can help. And we got to choose 25 charities from over 800 applications.

Kevin Ellis:

We sat through a meeting today of 35 different charitable organisations. 25 of the charities in ColourBrave, 10 are from the School of Social Entrepreneurs in the leadership programme. And we had the opportunity to hear from them how their charities make a difference to our society, and how we, PwC, and the ColourBrave initiative, support them in doing that. They are multipliers in terms of how their impact influences and encourages, and provides aspiration to everyone across society.

George Imafidon:

Motivez was founded in 2015 within Peckham, and we went on from there to, I guess, build an app and then start running programmes to help young people access roles in STEM. And since then we've been supported by tens of organisations, one of them being PwC, who supported us through the ColourBrave initiative. And that has been transformative to allow us to really get to the next level of our growth.

Saye Mkangama:

So what we've been able to do is really turbocharge the impact these charities are having in their communities, not just through the funding that we've been able to provide, but also through lending them skills and expertise in areas they otherwise don't have. The thing I've enjoyed most about working on this initiative is the fantastic group of volunteers that have proactively sought out the opportunity to really help in this area. They've sought out something that mattered to them and something that was important.

Amy Barbor:

So we've partnered with PwC for years. This programme that we've specifically partnered with them on is for Black social entrepreneurs. And it's crucial for me, my understanding of leadership, for us to be running programmes like this and bringing people together at events like this.

Saye Mkangama:

To stand up and present, and look out a number of Black leaders was probably one of the most inspiring things I've done for quite some time. Just listening to their stories, hearing their energy, hearing the impact that we are having, is really quite humbling.

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