2017 Production - Hansel & Gretel

Show synopsis

Last year's show was Hansel and Gretel, telling the classic story of an evil step mother, two young siblings and their journey home!

There is a famine across the land and Hansel and Gretles evil step mother believe that the children are eating too much and so decide to take them to the deep dark woods where they can't find their way home. Luckily enough the children leave a trail of pebbles so that they can find their way home. The second time the evil step mother takes them into the woods they use a trail of bread crumbs which get eaten and so the children end up lost in the woods.

But would the children find their way home? Could they escape the evil step mother?

With a feast of laughs, the coolest of management consultants, and a sprinkling of magic, this is one adventure that had our audience on the edge of their seats!

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