National Awards programme

We sponsor a series of National Awards in London to celebrate the success and reward the achievements of UK businesses:
PLC Awards - 15 March 2018
Private Business Awards - 13 September 2018
AIM Awards - October 2018 
UK Tech Awards - November 2018


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The awards

PLC Awards 2014, sponsored by PwC

PLC Awards

Audience: Small and Mid Cap listed companies (excluding FTSE 100 & AIM).

When and where: 15 March 2018 in London

Background: A flagship event for PwC to reward excellence in the Small and Mid Cap quoted company sector. The event is attended by over 1,500 guests, including quoted companies, investment banks, fund managers, investment analysts, and corporate advisers.

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Private Business Awards

Audience: Private Business and Family Business owners.

When and where: 13 September 2018 in London

Background: The Private Business Awards are the only awards to focus only on private business owners and entrepreneurs. Now in their sixth year, the awards are going from strength to strength with large regional representation in all award categories.

The awards attract a number of high profile companies such as JCB and Dyson as well as some lesser known names that are nevertheless the backbone of the UK economy. High profile judges, made up of successful entrepreneurs and business owners have the difficult task of choosing the best of the best.

The primary objective is to celebrate excellence in private business, recognising the positive impact private businesses have on local communities.

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AIM Awards

Audience: AIM listed companies.

When and where: October 2018 in London.

Background: A flagship event for PwC, the AIM Awards Dinner attracts over 1,300 guests including AIM quoted companies and their advisers, ranging from advisors and brokers to accountants, lawyers and public and investor relations firms, making it the largest AIM gathering in the City calendar.

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UK tech awards 2015, sponsored by PwC

UK tech awards

Audience: UK tech sector.

When and where: November 2018 in London

Background: The UK tech awards celebrates success, rewards achievement and raises the profile of the UK tech community.

The event has evolved, by popular demand, from the very successful techMARK awards, which concerned only quoted tech companies, and which had been held for 12 consecutive years since the launch in 2000.

The UK tech awards are positioned therefore to broaden the tech universe and include not only publicly quoted “techMARK” companies on London Stock Exchange’s Main Market, but also AIM tech companies and fast growing and innovative private tech companies.

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