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Our Midlands purpose

Purpose. What does our purpose mean for our people, clients and communities and why does it matter to businesses?

Purpose is our reason for being in business, and it goes beyond our commercial aims. It is about how we contribute to society through the running of our business, deploying our unrivalled talent to solve important problems in a sustainable way. It is about focusing on social mobility and education outreach to ensure opportunity and fairness for all. It is about leading our people and clients on their own journeys as they navigate the implications of technology, an increasingly fractured world and radically changing economies.

Whilst each of us will have a different view of what purpose means, there is undoubted alignment around our core values and the key aspects of purpose.

Our goal is that with purpose as a part of our DNA, our impact on our clients, people and communities can continue to grow.

"Purpose is about deploying our unrivalled talent to solve important problems in a sustainable way"

Nick Hatton, Midlands Place & Purpose Lead

Our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems.

As part of this, we actively look to use our convening power to bring together businesses, government, academia, social enterprises and our people to improve outcomes in the places in which we work.

We will also use our position within the community to drive conversations with our clients and explore opportunities to help them develop their own approaches to Place and Purpose.

What are the issues we want to address?

Our progressive agendas reflect the issues we want to work with the key influencers in the Midlands to address. We have identified the six agendas below because of their connections to our firmwide purpose and their relevance to our place:

  • Inclusive growth - We want to support the economy of the Midlands to grow, but to do so in a way that ensures the benefits are distributed fairly across society.
  • Digital skills - We want to support the development of digital skills in the Midlands, helping it to become a place with leading edge technical capabilities.
  • Health and wellbeing - We want to ensure the Midlands become a healthier, happier place and support action to impact the wider determinants of health and wellbeing positively.
  • Net zero - We want to help the Midlands to become a low carbon economy and rise to the challenge of becoming net zero.
  • Social mobility - We want to help remove the barriers that people from some sections of society face and open up opportunities for everyone to achieve their potential.
  • Diversity and inclusion - We want the Midlands to be known for having a culture of inclusion; one in which diversity is recognised and celebrated.

Diversity and inclusion, growth and health and wellbeing

We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace and culture where everyone can reach their full potential.

We are proactive in empowering our people to prioritise their wellbeing.

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Social mobility

Education has been at the heart of PwC’s involvement in the Midlands for over 20 years.

We support charities’ and social enterprises’ education events with free office space.

Our global, purpose led initiative, to prepare everyone, everywhere, for the digital world.

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Digital skills

We've hosted free online technology lessons for children to help parents, carers and teachers to homeschool.

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If you want to get involved and support us in bringing our communities together through the use of technology, skills in an inclusive way, please get in touch.

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If you want to get involved and support us in bringing our communities together through the use of Technology, skills in an inclusive way, please get in touch.

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