PwC North West Ride the Nation - from Unicycles to Teletubies


43 intrepid cyclists from PwC’s Manchester and Liverpool offices will be gearing up to join the UK firm’s ambitious Ride the Nation this June.

·              North West charity, Becca’s Wish to Walk and The Manchester Emergency Fund to benefit from PwC’s national charity cycling challenge

·              43 cyclists from PwC’s North West offices will cycle 66.4km on 13th June

But it’s not just those on two wheels who are having a go we also have an all-female PwC team taking part on unicycles this year too – here’s a lovely little story about their training:

Nik ‘Dipsy’ Milford, Caroline ‘Laa Laa’ Conaghan, Rachel ‘Po’ Benstead, Helen ‘Tinky Winky’ Nicholson

Rough week for the unicyclists - by Nik (Dipsy) Milford (Senior Tax Manager)

Not on the training front, just on the insults front!

Colleague #1 (who shall remain nameless to save them embarrassment, though quite why I should spare their feelings I'm not really sure) was admiring the lovely colours of our unicycles. "Oh look!" they declared with some glee, "Caroline's La La - which one are you?".   Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

The following day, Colleague #2 dashed over to my desk to share the exciting news that they had seen 2 unicyclists on Tuesday evening....

OMG - I saw two unicyclists last night!

Funny - you caught us practicing then?

No no, not you - two OTHER unicyclists!

Oh wow, fancy that - whereabouts?

In the car park.

Er, we were practicing in the car park.  It was me & Rachel.

No no, this was a man & a girl.

In the car park right there, opposite the office?


Last night?


Then I'm afraid the 'man' must have been me and the girl was Rachel.

I felt a bit bad for them at this stage, worried they might be embarrassed by their mistake.  But no, turns out I need not have worried.  Unabashed, they ploughed on....

No no, it was definitely a man as he was really quite thickset.  He was wearing all black, with a few bits of bright green.

I was wearing all black, with a few bits of bright green.  It was me.

No no, it was definitely a man.  It was between 7:30 & 7:45 last night.

We were there from 7 till 8.  Seriously - what are the odds of there being two OTHER unicyclists, riding in the same car park, on the same day, at the same time, wearing the same outfits?

I know, it's incredible!  More people must be into it than you realise.

And off they went.  Incredible indeed - in the truest meaning of the word.

This year’s event, taking place between 1st June and 30th June starting and finishing in London, will visit all 30 PwC offices consisting of 26 different stages linking staff across the network from Aberdeen to Plymouth even the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland. The event is a three layer challenge where mass participation on a local level will join riders relaying from office to office alongside a five strong national team who will cycle the entire 2000 mile route.   

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