Artificial Intelligence in Health – the possibilities?

As we draw closer to our #AIHealth Hackathon (30th November – 1st December) at PwC’s new Manchester office, it is important to consider the implications of automating intelligence and what that means for patient care. In this blog in our #AIHealth series, we think about the ethical implications of AI to ensure anything that we bring into our organisations not only draws upon the benefits that this type of automation brings, but also is done in a responsible way. Something in PwC we refer to as Responsible AI.

The Gender Pay Gap - Why Does It Exist?

It’s been two years since the government announced plans to force companies with more than 250 employees to publish their gender pay gap. The new rules came into effect in April 2017, however very few companies have published their data. Recently we saw the BBC, for the first time, take the unusual step of disclosing who their highest paid presenters were. This caused not only concern as to how TV licence payers’ fees were being used but also a potential backlash from female stars, as the figures revealed that of the 96 highest earners only a third were women with the top seven all being men.

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