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How Merchant Square is transforming wellbeing

Meditation pods and fitness classes are among some of the standout features of PwC’s new building Merchant Square. A multi-million pound investment, the firm is opening the doors to its people, clients and partners in the summer of 2021.  Although PwC has long promoted the benefits of a healthy approach to its staff, this mindset is front and centre in Merchant Square, with a dedicated wellbeing space built across half a floor in the middle of the building.

The investment in this space was planned from the beginning and has been driven by PwC NI’s wellbeing lead Catherine Dolliver. A senior manager in Forensics, she explains why this project means so much to her.

I have worked at PwC for almost 20 years and as you might imagine, I've gone through many life changes during that time. One of the reasons I've stayed at PwC for so long is it's unwavering support when I've needed to change, flex and adapt my working life. I've worked long hours on exciting jobs, travelled for both short and long term overseas engagements, gone on secondment, taken maternity leave, reduced and altered my working hours, and even had a period of long term sickness. During all of these times the firm has supported me and my wellbeing to help me make my life work.

These are some of the reasons why I am excited to be part of the team building our wellbeing offering at Merchant Square. PwC's investment in a state-of-the-art wellbeing space will make Merchant Square a 'destination workplace'. It will be the first of its kind in Northern Ireland and I'm delighted that the firm has made this investment in Belfast. 

From meditation to manicures

We’ve put in a huge amount of time planning this space, taken ideas from health and wellbeing spaces around the world and visited spaces closer to home to make sure this space will be a calming, nurturing, fully flexible space that can be used for all manner of Wellbeing classes, consultations and events. We have also taken on board the feedback from our people that will use the space, and we are delighted to have incorporated their ideas - think yoga and HIIT classes, personal pods for meditation or quiet time, small or large scale wellbeing seminars, hanging chairs and comfy sofas, a massage, haircut or manicure - there will be no other space like it in PwC UK. 

Sharing the space beyond Belfast

It’s amazing to think that we will be the first PwC office to have this facility. Our plans for this space have excited and inspired the wider UK community - so much so that we are making provisions for some of our classes and seminars to be broadcast to the rest of the UK firm.

Leadership in action

We often hear leaders talking about staff wellbeing and the importance it has on the health and engagement of their people, but to dedicate half a floor in a state of the art building in Wellbeing, at a time when others are making a move towards permanent home working, speaks volumes. The firm’s leadership has listened to our requests in this area and we are confident we will have a space that will enhance our daily working life. The investment in Merchant Square, and in particular the wellbeing space makes me very proud to work at PwC. Roll on July 2021!

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