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June Burgess
Inner Horsepower


Having spent my career establishing and re-invigorating 10 companies, my vision is to share the lessons that I learnt the hard way!

Inner Horsepower (IHP) and Horse Inspired Leadership (HIL) are my offering to all businesswomen to inspire them to drop pre-conceived ideas about how to be successful, connect with their authentic selves and recognise that they have all the strength and ability to step into leadership, simply by being totally and unashamedly themselves. After all, there’s no competition when you are being yourself!

Easy to say – we don’t try to be ‘someone else’ intentionally. So how do we find these inherent strengths and skills?

I’ve provided a programme for women to practice being themselves and communicating on a whole different level. With Inner Horsepower and Horse Inspired Leadership, the focus is on releasing the internal leader. Developing self-confidence, communication skills, building trust and respect, setting boundaries, assertiveness, collaborative relationships and practicing the empowerment that comes from stepping out of comfort zones and pre-conceived ideas.

How do I know this experiential process works? It worked for the countless people I have mentored and it worked for me and I have faced many, many challenges in my career!

My most recent venture started in 2006 when I decided to build a 5* hotel in Belfast. It was a great idea. I had the perfect site. My background was in construction and I intended to build and sell-on. However, by the time the building was complete in 2008, the world was in recession and the Northern Ireland economy was hit particularly hard. As a result of plummeting property values the completed building was worth less that half anticipated and I had professional and personal debt of many millions.

I was advised by all to hand over the keys and walk away.

Time to step into leadership:

  • Challenge 1. Establish a new business when the bottom had just fallen out of the market.
  • Challenge 2. Establish a service-orientated business with no prior experience.
  • Challenge 3. Create a team from scratch and sell a vision for success that experts branded as impossible.
  • Challenge 4. Motivate and inspire through uncertain (and potentially fated) times.

The techniques and approaches that turned the above challenges into the amazing success story that is The Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast are applicable and relevant to everyone in business.

It involved a collaborative, co-active approach that starts with trusting yourself, then connecting and communicating effectively with others to motivate them to share the vision and pull together to create the results.

It’s time in business to be bold and be unconventional. No excuses, no blaming markets, competition or colleagues. Saying “Yes” to opportunities, choosing to take responsibility and taking action rather than criticising from the sidelines. Taking the small steps that create the big results.

It’s all about YOU.

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