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Bringing cognitive health testing to the masses


We live in a world obsessed with keeping our bodies fit - there’s an app for pretty much everything.  You can track the calories you eat, the number of steps you take, how much sleep you get, how much alcohol you consume.  But, what about the most complex organ in our body - our brain. What can we do to check our brain health?
BrainWaveBank, a digital health company, is on a mission “to transform how cognitive illness is diagnosed and treated so that people can live longer, healthier, more connected lives”.

BrainWaveBank was founded in January 2015.  It brings together the expertise of neuroscientists, data scientists, game designers and engineers in developing a neuroscience platform that measures cognitive performance.  Brian Murphy, one of the founders, has a background in neuroscience – analysing patterns of brain waves and what we can pick up from them. In other words, what could we learn from people's brain patterns to discover more about their cognitive health?

“It’s very exciting - we are at the cutting edge of health technology and using big data. But on the human side, we meet people affected by dementia - the people whose lives will be impacted by our technology. We have high impact tech and that gives real job satisfaction.”

Up to now, this type of research was carried out in a research environment and required a scientist in situ.  BrainWaveBank enables affordable, objective, large-scale cognitive tracking outside of the lab. People simply use the technology in their own home - a more relaxed, natural environment and over an extended period of time, which results in more reliable data.

Research suggests that the brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s may begin 10 or more years before symptoms appear. Early detection and intervention, through solutions such as those developed by BrainWaveBank, can change the current landscape of Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders and significantly reduce the cost of care.

It’s an exciting time for the company and the team involved in the trials.

So in the not too distant future BrainWaveBank looks set to disrupt our approach to health management - where fitbits have given us the ability to manage our fitness and activity levels, BrainWaveBank will do the same for our brain health.  Watch this space.

"Our ultimate aim is for BrainWaveBank to be available directly to consumers so they can buy it off the shelf to learn about their brain health. Equally it has real value for health practitioners and memory clinics, as a precursor to more invasive diagnostics such at PET scans or spinal taps”

Alison Buick PhD, Clinical Trial Manager at BrainWaveBank Ltd.

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